Once upon a time, there were stories to tell and tales to spin but there was no one around to listen to them. So the Great Story Teller in the Sky created some ears. Ears could listen, of course, but they were totally incapable of reacting in a manner pleasing to the Great Story Teller in the Sky. Which led him/her to create yet another feature. No, not the mouth, but the diaphragm. He/she gave the gift of breath in order that the listener might be able to respond with a more complete response, whether it be the sharp intake, the repeated short exhale – as in giggling – or the horror struck long-held breath which – sorry to tell – seems to be the one humans are often all-too fond of and make, some of them, into a life long habit.

Now the reason for telling you all this is as follows: The Great Story Teller in the Sky became bored, after a while, with these Breathing Ear Listeners and he/she – henceforth referred to as he for the sake of brevity…

Lilly: That’s what they all say. One more letter and it’s “she” for the same reasons of simplicity and elegance. 

Golyga: Finally, an acknowledgment. All right then, it’s “she”. 

The Great Story Teller in the Sky decided that what she really wanted in the way of listeners was a greatly complex being who would be capable of the maximum number and of the subtlest possible responses to any given tale she chose to tell and so were created what is now known as the Human Beings. And in order to make sure that the attention of these human beings -humans for short – would not be flagging at any time whatsoever, she made them into the characters in her stories. In other words, they became the active participants, so that they couldn’t very well decide to take a break or intermission and be back for the next part of the stories and tales told by the Great Story Teller in the Sky. And whether they enjoyed the stories and tales or not was decidedly up to them – to their degree of enthusiasm in participating, to their degree of dedication to playing their part well and with conviction, and above all, to their capacity for enjoyment.

Golyga: What do you think, Lilly dear? 

Lilly: I love it. More, more. 

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