Golyga and the Circle of Herons

           One day, Golyga summoned all Great Herons for a meeting.
When they were gathered in a great circle and had settled their mighty wings
and all feathers, Golyga spoke thus:
           “As you can see,” he said, holding up a copy, “the book is finally out and
since we know that Lilly is no kind of business woman, we’ll need to help her out all
we can. Because,” he said, “this book needs to travel far and land in many hands,
in many different places.
           You do understand?” asked Golyga, looking around the immense circle of
           Each of them dipped his beak to signal understanding and willingness to help.
A few of them rustled their wing feathers, impatient to begin.
           Golyga quickly conjured a globe, set it spinning, and when it settled down again,
pointed his finger and circled an area the size of North America, including, of course,
Canada and Mexico.
          He looked up and found the Herons all getting a touch impatient.
           “Ah,” said Golyga. “You figured as much. Yes, we’ll start here but don’t believe
for a moment that’s the only area you’ll be seeing during this undertaking.”
           Golyga well knew that nothing pleases a Great Heron more than navigating
the skies and giving their mighty wings a good stretch.
           “With this much area to cover”, said Golyga, “I can only give you general
indications for where your deliveries should occur. Here they are:
           And to be more precise,….” Golyga looked around and was pleased to see most
of the Herons’ eyes sparkling in response to his little joke.
           “To be more precise,” he repeated, humans who are seen or even guessed to be
of an adventurous spirit and therefore look, as they say, ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’.
The next step after that, “ Golyga continued, “will be up to you. How you deliver the
books, into the hands or laps or anything else, will be up to you and I will be waiting to
hear many tales of ingenuity and, of course, of astonishing Heronism.”

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