White Woman on a High Horse

When I was writing scripts for the “Mr. Dressup” show, our budget allowed for 1 guest every two shows. Or you could, occasionally, have 2 guests and then write 3 shows without any.

For one such 2 guest-splurges I wrote a dramatization of an indigenous story to be performed by Rene Highway and Billy Merasty, both indigenous artists.

After the script meeting, the producer told that she was adding an extra rehearsal for that show.


I jumped onto my high horse and hissed: “ Billy Merasty is an actor on stage, tv and film and Rene Highway is a dancer and choreographer with the Toronto Dance Theatre. They are both highly talented professional artists and they do not, I repeat: do not need an “extra” rehearsal!”

“Well actually,” said the producer, “the extra rehearsal is for the director. He has never worked with three cameras before.”

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