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Once upon a time, there were stories to tell and tales to spin but there was no one around to listen to them. So the Great Story Teller in the Sky created some ears. Ears could listen, of course, but they were totally incapable of reacting in a manner pleasing … Read more

Golyga and the Circle of Herons

           One day, Golyga summoned all Great Herons for a meeting.
When they were gathered in a great circle and had settled their mighty wings
and all feathers, Golyga spoke thus:
           “As you can see,” he said, holding up a copy, “the book is finally out and
since we know that
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A Name for the Boy

And it came to pass that Golyga was no longer in the mood to be the all-seeing, all-caring, all-reliable originator of tales of adventure and wanted nothing so much as a good long flying trip to the biggest trees wherever they might reside.
   He told Lillykins and the by-now teenage
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